Essay on Vocational Guidance

Essay on Vocational Guidance

Vocational guidance is not a mere technical process by which a person can be fitted in some vocation. Also he is not born for some vocation. The persons having normal intelligence can be adjusted in various vocations.

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In vocational guidance, a person is evaluated with regard to his capacities, capabilities and the changed conditions in the vocational areas and needs. In the vocational guidance the help is included in order to solve various problems related to the selection of a vocation, which is provided keeping in view the expected capabilities.


According to Super too, the main aim of vocational guidance is to enable a person for coordination with his vocation, he can use his energies properly and can develop the society financially by the existing facilities.

Crow and Crow have also given the objectives of vocational guidance. The process of vocational guidance is organized by keeping in view these objectives. In the process of vocational guidance, vocational charts, vocational information booklets, talks can provide information to the pupils relating to the vocations.

In nut-shell, we can say that vocational guidance helps the persons to adjust in the various vocations. The function of guidance is not only to help in selecting the proper vocation, but also to help in placement and progress.

If all the persons possess same powers and abilities, then no guidance is required for various guidance processes. Hence, in all the vocations, same abilities are not required. Every vocation has its own needs. Persons are selected who are fit for those vocations. Hence, vocational guidance is needed. Therefore, vocational guidance is:


(i) A process.

(ii) Must for selection of a vocation or adjustment in a vocation.

(iii) To know the necessary features of various vocations and abilities.

(iv) A process of introducing with various vocations.


A detailed description of vocational guidance has been given in other unit.

Personal guidance

Personal guidance includes personal-psychological or emotional relationships which a person develops himself. Paterson has included social, emotional and leisure time guidance in personal guidance.

In fact, the problems regarding health, emotional adjustment, social adjustment and leisure and recreational problems are included in personal guidance for solution. Under social adjustment, an individual’s economic problems are included.

The aspects of the life’s character and spiritual fields can also be included in the personal guidance. In other words, the problems which cannot be included in educational and vocational guidance, we can include them in personal guidance.

In this way, the main aim of personal guidance is to establish balance between the individual’s mental, social and physical aspects, because it is often seen that a person sometimes is surrounded by abnormal behaviors and social demerits even though they possess educational competencies and satisfactory progress in the professional areas.

Such persons lead neglected life among their families and members of the community.

Due to lack of balanced personalities in the families and neighborhoods and due to vague identification of mental and emotional deficiencies, the resultant conditions do not allow the person to imagine a peaceful and progressive life. In such conditions, personal guidance can prove helpful in solving such problems.

Hence, the solution of the following types of problems is possible in personal guidance-

(i) Problems related to the health and physical development.

(ii) Problems related to emotional behaviour.

(iii) Problems related to home and family relationships.

(iv) Problems related to sex, courtship and marriage.

(v) Problems related to religion, morals, ideals and values.

(vi) Economic Problems.

(vii) Problems related to social relationships.

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