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When the common man works, which he must in order to earn his livelihood, he is compelled to work after the will of his employer. So, whenever he gets some leisure, he does some work after his own heart such work is called hobby.

My favourite/Hobby - My assignment

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Hobbies differ from man to man. Some read light novels, some play on music, some draw art and pictures, some compose poems or write the daily diary, some make clay-things, some go for hunting or on a pleasure-trip. But my hobby is to make pen-friends. I write letters to my pen-friends during my leisure hours and read their replies attentively. I write answers to their letters.

How I work my hobby:

Everyday, I receive a number of letters from my friends living abroad in the different foreign countries. I carefully read them and mark on them the time and date of their receipt. I sort the letters carefully and cast them to different files which I have. I receive so many letters from different countries that I have to arrange them in different files. I write so many replies per day that I have to maintain a dispatch book. There I mention letter number, date and time and the address. It is more or less a small office that I maintain for this.


It is a very costly hobby but it is very helpful and instructive. Through this correspondence I know a lot about the other countries of the world. i know their systems, their customs, their usages, their modes of living and their moods and temperaments. My pen-friends are as helpful as the information bureaus and whenever I want to know anything about their countries. I write to them and get answer. My hobby has got another advantage. It helps me in stamp-collecting which is another kind of hobby. I collect stamps through my pen-friends.


My hobby of having pen-friends has improved my English knowledge. Because I write to there in English. I read their answers in English. It is a very good hobby, no doubt. I like it very much. I forget my sorrow when I busy my-self in this epistolary work.

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