Explaining the meaning of the proverb No Pains No gains

There is a Bengalis saying: ‘Kasta na korle Kesto paoya jay na’. It means that if you do not take pains, you cannot have Krishna. Really, without suffering hardships, nothing great and noble can be achieved. Life is not a bed of rose. It is full of thorns. We much take pains to remove the thorns in our way. We must surmount difficulties and obstacles. Then and then only we can reach the goal of life. An idle man can achieve nothing.

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He cannot undergo hardships. He has no strong will. He cannot face difficulties bodily. He gives up the attempt when he first faces an obstacle. In this world successful men have marched onward in their life’s journey. They have faced all difficulties boldly and have o0vercome them. In the end they have enjoyed the sweet fruits of their hard struggle. A student must be hard working if he wants to shine in the world. He may be genius. But if he does not toil, his genius will not help him to be a brilliant scholar. Every ambitious man should bear in mind that without taking pains he cannot gain any grand success.

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