First deserve and then desire

Every man has some kind of ambition in life. He may desire for a huge mass of wealth, wish for name and fame or long for power and glory in life. But wish alone is not enough. We must follow the desire to deserve it. Here wish is weak to achieve an ideal in life.

Because I Deserve It |

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One must labour and raise one’s worth and ability. Constant systematic effort will qualify a man to enjoy the rewards in life. More desire ends in sorrow, if there is no toil. There are many people who crave for great things in life and never struggle for them. They simply desire and never struggle to deserve their prize.

Finally, they have to say, ‘Grapes are sour.” Many desire for the honour, and dignity enjoyed by Mr. Churchill, Tenzingh, Sir Raman but they cannot imagine what great efforts and difficul­ties they faced to have credit in life. Man should first deserve honour or wealth and then desire it. So desire only when you deserve or deserve first and then desire.

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