Free Essay on games and sports

Games and sports have an important place in all good schools. All educationists agree that games and sports are as-essential part of education. Games develop the body and keep it fit. Physical fitness makes a person look smart. The mind becomes active.

3 Goals for Playing Your Best on Game Day - Dr. Jim Taylor

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Games are a great means of recreation. An hour’s play in the evening in the open air removes all the dullness caused by the days hard work. It enables one to work with renewed vigour. Games like cricket, hockey, badminton, football volleyball etc give exercise to the limbs and thus keep the body fit. It is because of this that students feel refreshed after the games. They feel that they can do their work with renewed energy.

This is not all. Games confer another benefit. They mould character. They teach discipline. Players learn to obey the rules of the game. They regard the captain as their leader and work under his orders. Members of the team play like one man. They play a fair game because every foul act in the game calls for penalty. There is team-spirit and cooperation.


Games develop a sportsman spirit. A good player will not feel depressed when defeated. He will not be over excited if he wins a match. To Mm victory and defeat are equal. A defeated player shakes hands with his victorious opponent. He learns to face the challenges of life with a balanced mind.

Games and sports make the players broad minded. They do not distinguish as the basis of caste, colour or creed. They are completely absorbed in the game. They try to outshine others. There is no malice or ill-will. They learn to live in each other’s company. They respect others as partners in the game. There are no mutual jealousies or quarrels. All these qualities stand them in good stead when they enter life. They thus become good citizens of tomorrow.

Games and sports do not benefit the players only. They are a source of great amusement to the general public. This accounts for the popularity of the test matches. Thousands of spectators brave the sun to witness their favourite players playing a match against a visiting team. Thousands of people listen to the running commentary. They are so absorbed in this that they completely forget themselves.

Games and sports are helpful to the players in another way. Proficiency in games is considered to be a great quality. Good players are preferred to others at the time of admission to colleges. In army and police, a good player would be the first to be selected. Games and sports being so important, due19 attention should be paid to them at school stage. Games should be properly organised so that every students plays one game or the other.

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