Free Essay on The Educative Value of Broadcasting

Broadcasting is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. It has made great progress since Independence. There is now a network of broadcasting stations in the whole length and breadth of the country. All India Radio is on the air twenty four hours and provides entertainment to millions by relaying music, short plays, humorous skits, discourses, discussions on all the burning topics of the day. These programmes have become so popular that almost every family of average means owns a transistor and spends a couple of hours listening to the various broadcasts.

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Broadcasting serves another purpose. It has a great educative value. The Indian masses are ‘illiterate’. They are mostly ignorant of all that is happening in the country. They cannot read newspapers so that they might know the most important events taking place in the whole world. It is broad­casting, however, which keeps them abreast of all that is taking place in the world and is helpful to them to form their opinions regarding the pressing problems for villagers in which they are taught the latest methods of farming and the precautions they should take in saving their crops from insects and diseases. It is because of this that our villagers have become capable of producing food for such a big country as India with 800 millions of people, so much so that the country has become self-sufficient in food and can export foodgrain to other countries if need be.

Broadcasting is particularly useful for students. The A.I.R. has introduced a special programme for the Youth in Yuva Vani. There are talks on all subjects of their interest. During the examination days, Yuva Vani broadcast lessons on the different subjects by eminent teachers for the benefit of the examinees.


Broadcasting does not forget the children too. There is a special programme for them. The children like it and are inspired to take part in this programme. The programme for women consists of special talks on cookery, knitting, sanitation and bringing up of children. All these programmes have great educative value.

Special news bulletins several times a day make the people know about the most important events. Again there are special commentaries on the test matches. They are so popular that the sports fans assemble round the radio to listen to them.

The radio is now being used by the commercial firms for advertising their goods and has in this way become a source of income to the Government. The commercial broadcast in Vividh Bharati have become very popular and are heard by One and all to supplement their knowledge of the things manufactured in the country.

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