Free sample essay on an Ideal Student.

An ideal student stands for all that is good and noble. He has qualities of head and heart which endear him to all. The parents and the teachers love him. His class-mates admire him and try to emulate him.

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An ideal student has a good personality. He never neglects his physical development and for this he takes regular exercise. He is not a book-worm. He studies while it is time to study. He goes to the playground and takes active part in the games. This keeps him fit.

An ideal student is an early riser. He gets up early in the morning. He takes exercise in the open air. He bathes daily. He prays to God. He takes nourishing diet. He avoids taking too much of food. He follows the rules of health and personal hygiene.


An ideal student is very honest. He is intelligent. He has very pleasing manners. He respects his eiders. He never talks disrespectfully of his teachers but seeks their guidance in whatever he does. He loves his friends.

An ideal student is always good at his studies. He prepares his lessons well. He helps his classmates in their difficulties. He tries to gather as much knowledge as possible. He is regular and punctual at school.

An ideal student form good habits. He is truthful. He never deceives others. He never does anything which might degrade him in the eyes of others. He has perfect control over himself. He is never a slave to his senses. He avoids temptations and follows the path of duty.

An ideal student takes active part in all the extra-curricular activities of the school. There is not an item in the school programme in which he does not take interest. He is a good speaker. He takes active part in the school debates and declamation contests.


An ideal student is a good organizer. He arranges matches. He captains his team. He organizes picnics and outings. There too he is the moving spirit. He commands influence over all. His classmates look upon him as their leader. The teachers seek his help in routine class work.

An ideal student never loses his temper. He is never angry with other. He has a smile on his face. He gets his work done by others through love. He is thoroughly responsible in all that he does. I wish to become an ideal student.

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