Free sample Essay on India of My Dreams

India is my motherland. I love her more than my life. I wish and pray that she may once again become the torch bearer of the world and promote universal peace and prosperity.

My motherland became free on 15th August, 1947, after centuries of foreign rule. She adopted a democratic form of government. Everyone was to have equal rights and privileges irrespective of caste, colour, creed or sex. The country was to be made economically sound through industrialization. The system of education which had been set up by the British to produce clerks was to be overhauled. Poverty and disease, hunger and want were to be stamped out.


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Some of these plans could not be carried out immediately owing to certain urgent problems facing the country. There were communal riots after partition. Millions of people were uprooted from their homes in the west and had to be rehabilitated. There was want and poverty everywhere. People for the most part were still ill-fed, ill-clothed, disease-stricken and ignorant. India was surrounded by hostile neighbours. Pakistan wanted to wrest Kashmir by force. After the treacherous attack of the Chinese in the N.E.F.A. in 1962, the country set to make herself strong militarily. When Pakistan invaded India with hundreds of Patton Tanks in 1965 and 1971, it had to lick the dust.


India has now emerged as a strong power and can face the enemy in case of another war. Education is being reformed. Factories are at work. Production is increasing. The food problem has been all but solved. An era of all round progress has started. These are all hopeful signs for the future. If this progress is maintained, we hope to build India which will be the envy of the world. India of my dreams would, therefore, be entirely a new country — strong, powerful and the leader of Asia.

India is marching towards her socialistic goal. Banks have already been nationalized. In India of my dreams all would have equal opportunities. All would have enough to eat and wear. Everyone would have a decent house to live in. There would be full security against unemployment and old age. There would be mutual goodwill, love and cooperation. People would live like brothers.

India of my dreams would be a land of plenty. Dams and hydro-electric projects would turn the country into smiling fields of corn. In industries too she would make remarkable progress. She would export manufactured goods, and thus grow rich. The per capita income would increase. The standard of living of the people would improve. There would be ‘Ram Rajya’ in the real sense of the word. India of my dreams would make great progress in education. The percentage of literacy would increase. Hindi in the Devanagari script would be the medium of instruction in all the Universities.

More incentives would be given to art and literature. The country would make rapid strides in scientific studies. Indian scientists would make come gut with wonderful inventions. Once again India would be the home of learning where people from far and near would come to study. India of my dreams would be a country in which people would have sound health. There would be no diseases to make life miserable. Terrible diseases like tuberculosis, and cancer would become things of the past. Social evils like the early marriage, caste system, dowry system etc. would disappear. Thus India of my dreams would be an ideal place to live in.

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