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It is a common belief that if you have money enough and to spare, you will be happy. In this context there is a proverb which says that ‘money makes the mare go’. Indeed, it is money which seems to help a man to enjoy all the comforts and luxuries of life which are at the disposal of modern man.

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True, science has given man power fit for the gods. He has conquered nature and is now probing space by his flight through it. Some astronauts have already reached the moon.

‘Man at present has all amenities which can make him happy. He has the best clothes to wear and the choicest food to eat. But has all this made him happy ? The answer is in the negative. These luxuries of life have not made him truly happy.


Unfortunately the modern man is most unhappy. The more he has, the more he desires. His greed for money is increasing. He wants to become richer and more powerful than his neighbours and friends. He is always making schemes to get more and he is not satisfied with his lot.

In this mad race for money he has lost all sense of right and wrong. He is engaged in dishonest pursuits. Crime is on the increase. If he fails in his object of making money, there is frustration. If he achieves his end, he goes on multiplying crime.

Thus the modern man may have comforts and amenities of life, he has no contentment and peace of mind. It has been said, “What if man gains the wealth of the whole world, but loses his soul”! Modern man has in reality lost his soul. His moral nature is dead. Day in and day out he is busy in his satanic? activities.

A cursory study of the lives of our forefathers, on the other hand will show that they were a contented set of people. They believed in God and were afraid of doing evil. Even though they did not have the gifts of science, they were happy at heart. They had health and mental peace. Their wants were few and it was not difficult to get them fulfilled.


It is, therefore, contentment which can make a man happy. It does not however mean that we should not work and remain contented with what we have. If we do so, we shall be cutting at the root of all progress. We should do what is just. If we do this, we will have inward happiness.

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