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Television is an improvement on the radio. It brings before our eyes the pictures of the speakers on the screen. It is also used as a means of education and entertainment in all advanced countries of the world. It is as yet in its infancy in India. Only a few families in India own a television set But there are plans a foot to make it more popular. More and more television sets are being manufactured. The time is not far when television will replace the cinema as it has done in the western countries. The production colour T.V. sets is ever increasing.

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The educative value of television is even greater than that of radio and it is already being used in Delhi as such. There are special television programmes on some days in the evening. They are highly entertaining. The colourful dances and other cultural items are worth watching. Sometimes, short plays, too, are telecast. They are as entertaining as a picture on the screen. Then there are important telecast on important days. The Republic Day parade is relayed on the television. Those who are unable to go to the India Gate to see the parade, quitely watch the parade on the television screen. On Independence Day the television sets attract large crowds to see the flag-hoisting ceremony at the Red Fort. Similarly, important matches and other items of general interest are telecast for the good of the people.

Television has been made the means of instruction in schools in India. Lessons are telecast for the students of the middle and higher classes twice a week. Subjects like English, Hindi, Physics and Chemistry are televised by the best and the most reputed teachers. The lessons are made very interesting with the help of visual aids. These television lessons are a boon to the students. It is hoped that in the near future students all over the country will use the television as a means of instruction. Education through the radio or television has become very popular. Even the dullest student is attracted by these lessons. Television is so useful that it is bound to play a major role in the educational schemes of the future.

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