How students can become good and responsible citizens ? – Essay

A citizen is one who has common interest with others, living in the same place and under the same government. Because I am the citizens of India so I take interest in its affairs. Whatever is helpful to me to get my moral and material gain is my right.

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The Importance of duty for a man

I know well that to have a right is one thing and to enjoy it in a proper manner is another. So I care more for my duties than my rights. I always try to increase the happiness of my companions. Being a student of eleventh class, I rewove the difficulties of my younger brothers in school times. By helping them in their studies. I add something to my knowledge. My only motive is to leave my school better and happier than I found it is a few ago.


The Duties that I perform in school

I am doing my best to do my duties well. I follow the laws of my school and the city. I help my teachers to carry on the administration of the school. In my classroom I am always on the side of right boys. I always help the class teachers in tracing the mischief mongers. The needy and good students are never neglected by me. I always join all healthy movement for the sake of the school’s interest. At any time if my individual clashes with the interest of my school or city, I always subordinate the former to the later.

What I do outside the school

Out side the school I try to become a good citizen. On the road I follow all the rules of road. I always try to avoid all sorts of quarrels in the city. I avail all the opportunities of serving the town. One can see me working as a volunteer on all social occasions. As everyone has a voice in the administration of the county, I do my best to prepare myself for doing my part well in future.


I always respect the rights of others. I think it my noble duty to help those who are weaker than me. I always help the weak because noble is the task of helping the weak. As a student, I do gladly all the jobs which my teachers, parents and the elderly people ask me to do. I am serving the interest of my class fellows. I am always selfless. At home or school I am always meek and humble. I received instructions with all humility. I never lose any occasions to express my gratitude. To be good citizen I always apply myself close to my studies because a good citizen should have good knowledge of his right and duties.


We should educate ourselves to do our part well even in our students life. I am trying my best to make myself qualified for going my job as a good citizen.

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