How to cultivate Presence of mind ? – Essay

Negation of absent mindedness is presence of mind. In order to avoid accidents, it is necessary to cultivate presence of mind. Accidents cannot be escaped easily so while driving a vehicle presence of mind is needed. It means that a person should have a cool mind even in emergency. He should not lose his balance of mind. It is just equal to not losing one’s head. In order to have presence of mind, reasoning should be imbedded. This quality can be had only if one has a strong control over one’s nerves. The mind under these circumstances will direct his actions and he will shun doing anything wrong. It is the lack of presence of mind that a person is unable to overcome fear, anxiety or excitement. As a result of absent mindedness persons do and say silly things in their freight and haste.

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It is generally some sudden danger or threat of danger that causes people to lose their heads. In what even walk of life a person is he must have presence of mind. An officer is fit for his chair only if he does not lose his head in the face of serious problems. A driver while driving a vehicle in crowed streets can cause accident if he loses his presence of mind. Similarly a businessman can suffer heavy losses if he is not able to cope with the trend of the market. Presence of mind is a natural gift. People are fortunate who have been blessed with this boon. This quality in them may save them from taking a wrong step which might means ruin to them and others. Some people who are not having this gift can cultivate it. The main thing needed is controlling emotions constantly. We must deliberately check and restrain ourselves from being carried away by our feelings. In case of danger, anxiety, excessive gift or excessive joy it is only a check on our inner urge that can save us from being involved in a risk.

A doctor treating a patient, a mechanic handling a machine, and electrician making electrical connections can cause a great deal of damage if they lose their present of mind. These person must remain cool and clam while doing their work otherwise wreaks will result. A candidate appearing at an examination can make his career of he loses presence of mind. A mathematician will do wrong solutions of the problems when he is absent minded. In order to avert dangers at critical junctures it is the presence of mind that is helpful to a person.


To control emotions self-control should be developed. In order to have self-control one must know oneself. It means natures of a person must be thoroughly studies by himself before he starts controlling his inner feelings. He must realize under what conditions he loses his temper and is swayed away by his feelings. Understanding self will help the individual to devise means to control his emotions and thus not to lose his presence of mind. He can easily do so by avoiding as far as possible such conditions as make him absent minded. It may not be possible to avoid such situations easily because there can be hours when an individual is enveloped by grim situations. At these moments exercise of will power a resultant of presence of mind should be displayed to overcome these situations.

To conclude we must say that under all emergencies it is the quality of presence of mind that helps man come out of these odds with a flying colour.

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