How to prepare for essay writing contest ?

When you are preparing to participating in any essay writing Contest, you must know in advance; those significant facts that will impress the examiner to give your highest marks. Before appearing in the Contest do a bit of research on the rules and regulation careful (don’t ignore any rule and regulation) and also learn the scoring criteria for intelligent writing. Be confident , always think positive and write from the bottom of you heart and mind . Best of luck…


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Important Facts your must know about writing essays for Contest

  • Your essay must be exclusively the product of your own thought, work, and writing. Accordingly, no one else may proofread your essay or check it for grammar, spelling, structure, or content.
  • You may not discuss your essay topic, content, or structure with anyone.
  • The essay you submit must have been written exclusively for the writing competition. It cannot be, for example, an old paper that happens to fit your topic.
  • Page limit: the essay must be between five and ten pages in 12-point written in good handwriting.
  • This sentence is 12-point written in good handwriting
    • Limit your essay to the minimum pages necessary to make a strong, cohesive and well-reasoned argument.

    • The best essays are creative, well-supported, and succinct.

  • Page format: All essays must appear on letter-sized pages (8½ by 11 inches) and must be double-spaced, with margins of one inch on the left, right, top and bottom.
  • Analytical essay: All four journals require that submissions be within the parameters of a traditional essay. For example, do not submit a judicial opinion, brief, memorandum, play, recipe, dialogue, news release, poem, or stream-of-consciousness rant. These format requirements facilitate a fair evaluation of your essay. The requirements should not limit the topic or ideas that you choose to discuss or the arguments you employ to defend them.

Getting highest scores for your essay.


You will not be scored on your use of proper Bluebook citation form in this essay component. Instead, you will cite materials in the following manner:

  • Sources are identified by a short title. The short source title is written on every page of each of the Long and Short sources, as well as in the Table of Contents. Your citation should be to the packet page number given to each page, written in the upper right hand corner of every page.
  • Cite directly in the text rather than using footnotes or endnotes. Do NOT use explanatory parentheticals, but put the citation itself in parentheses. Do NOT cite the sources in all capital letters. Here are two examples: “Souza was surprised to learn he was a famous musician, but not that people rushed blindly by him.” There are many risks to the choking game besides death, including brain damage and physical disfigurement. (Choking Game 23).
  • If you wish to refer to a work mentioned or discussed within a given source you should still cite to the source and packet page number as you would for a direct assertion.

Scoring Criteria in contest

  • Grammar and style: Proofread your essay! One part of the grading will evaluate grammar, spelling, and use of standard written English.
  • Thesis-driven argument: The examiners look for you to state a thesis and support it with a well-reasoned, well-organized essay.
  • Use of support: You will be graded on intelligent use of sources to support your arguments and ideas.
  • Originality and Creativity: All of your fellow competitors have been given the same materials. Originality will be rewarded, particularly where an essay demonstrates creative and analytical thinking.
  • Do not break the rules: Remember that your essay must be in proper format, exclude outside materials, and address one but no more than two Long sources.
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