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I am a student of the Sharada Academy. It is a famous High School. It is named after the goddess, Sharada.

Timothy Ball Elementary School / Overview

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This High School is situated at Kanakpur in the district of Cuttack. It stands behind the temple of Sarada. The main road runs before the school.

School building

The school sits in a brick-building. It is divided into many rooms; such as Headmaster’s office-room, the clerk office-room, the teachers’ common room, the boy’s common room, the girl’s common room and the classroom. The school garden stands round the school. The school hostel stands little after.

Staff of the school


The staff of the school consists of twenty members. The name of the Headmaster is Mr. A.C Mohanty. He is strong in English. Besides there are sixteen teachers, a clerk and two peons.


The strength of the school is five hundred and sixty. Fifty of them are girls. They read in different classes. The lower five classes have two sections each. The Class IX and the Class X have no sections. The students of our school are very clam and quiet. They do quite well in the examination.

Working days and holidays


The school opens at 10:30 A.M. It closes at 4 P.M. The periods are seven in all. The school-peon rings the bell. The school works begins with the mass prayer. In the summer season the school sits in the morning. Every year, two examinations are held. One is half-yearly and the other is Annual. Promotions are granted according to the annual examination. The students also take part in the school N.C.C sports and games. They play in the school playground.

Sunday is a week-end holiday. Saturday is a half-holiday. There are holidays for Car Festival. Summer vacation is held for more than a month.

Observance and celebrations

We observe the Ganesh Puja and the Saraswati Puja in our school. We observe the Independence Day, The teachers Day, the Children’s Day and the Republic Day. We celebrate the prize-giving ceremony. Sometimes we stage dramas. But we never neglect our study.


My School is a good training ground for me. I love and respect my school.

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