Essay on A Cricket Match

Last Friday I played a cricket match. I shall never forget it. The match was played between the Ramjas Cricket XI and our school Cricket XI. It was a friendly match. It was played on Ramlila Grounds.


The weather was very fine. It was a good morning after light shower. We caught the train bound for Delhi. Munna, the captain, was a jolly fellow. Laughing and talking we reached Ramjas School. The Captain gave us a hearty reception. He led our team to the field. There his team umpires were waiting for us. A large crowd of students and onlooker had already assembled there to see the match.

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The First innings

Both the teams entered the ground. Our captain won the toss. The Ramjas school players took their position in the field. We took our seats in the shade. The batting began. Our captain and Ram, our best player went to open the first innings. Munna hit the ball with a hard stroke. The ball flew in the air. It soon crossed the boundary. We shout “Hurrah” “What a fine hit!”.

He played for half an hour. He sent ball beyond the boundary many a time. At last he was caught. He scored fifty runs. The opponents were glad at his downfall. Presently the second batsman entered the field. Now the Ram began to bat firmly and swiftly. He hit the ball with great force. He took three wickets in one over. Pair after pair went to bat. Every time when I hit the ball it was on the boundary line. Our team was out for 300 runs.

The second innings


Now the Ramjas School XI began batting. Their start was not good. Three wickets fell within ten minutes for a duck. The captain who had played an important role in bowling, played well. But our blower, Khanna, discouraged him. We were very active on the field. In 30 over, he took all the ten wickets for 100 runs. With their four and boundaries, they had scored 150 runs at all.


Our team won the match by 150 runs. We raised aloud cheer. The captain of the Ramjas team gave us a rich refreshment. The Principal spoke highly of our game. After thanking the Principal and the players we took the taxi for the station.

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