How to write an Essay on Football Match?


One day the captain of NAS School Football XI sent us challenge for a friendly match. Our Captain, Ravi approached the principal to seek his permission. The challenge was accepted. An order was circulated in the school about the date and time of the match. |

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The crowd on the field:


The football ground of our school was surrounded by spectators. Our school boys were on two sides of the ground. Most of NAS boys gathered on the north side of the field. Many people of the town also came to see the match. Suitable seating arrangement was made for the teachers of both the schools.

Beginning of the Match:

At quarter to five both the teams entered the field. They were in their colorful uniforms. The players looked quite smart and active in their school uniforms. At exact 5 PM the referee blew a loud whistle. The match began. Our captain kicked the ball in a style. We clapped to encourage him. For some time the players of the both teams played well. The teams seemed equally balanced. The ball remained mostly nit eh center of the field.

Efforts of the players in the field:


Our players, however, began to press the players of the opposite team. The forwards made great efforts to take the ball to the opposite side. The halfbacks checked them. The ball was kicked to our side. One of players was off-side. The referee whistled giving a foul. The captain of the NAS team was also a good runner. The once kicked the ball so hard that the goal was sure. But our goal keeper was alert enough to check the ball. A few minutes before the interval our captain stole a chance. He ran with the ball. He kicked it so hard that a goal was secured. This made the opponents furious. They passed our players but in vain. The referee whistled and it was half time.

The interval period:

The players were much tired. They rested their limbs during the interval period. Each player got light refreshment. The captains encouraged their players. They gave them necessary instructions.

The second half of the game:


With the long whistle of the referee the match again started. The game was interesting. It became exciting from the beginning. The captain of the NAS school team tired to throw down our captain. In rise and fall of the game of our team. At once shouts of joy rose from one side of the field. Our players doubled their efforts to score another goal. During the last five minutes the game was very brisk. But still 6 PM neither party could score a goal. At last the referee blew the long whistle and the match was over.


The crowd began to disperse. The captain of our team had made arrangement for light refreshment. All the players of both the teams were carried to restaurant. Our game superintendent congratulated the captain.

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