How to write an essay on value of sports ?


(1) Introduction

(2) Good general effect in building up human body

(3) Team spirit


(4) Discipline

(5) Selflessness and fellow-feeling

(6) General rewards of sportsmanship


(7) Conclusion


Human beings have several needs and requirements. Food, clothing and housing are, no doubt, the essentials in life. For this, everyone has to find some occupation or work in order to make a living. Apart from these, one needs some entertainment or recreation during free or spare hours. Some of these entertain­ments are called hobbies. Hobbies include sport. Sports mean games of a wide range. The main sports are Cricket, Football, Volley-ball, Hockey, Badminton, etc. Games are further divided into two categories—indoor and outdoor games. Sports are known to be of great value. Countless people have dwelt upon the uses of sports.

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The chief utility of sports lies in the fact that they keep a person in good bodily condition. A sportsman remains healthy all through. Sports build up one’s muscles and put one in tight trim and good physique. The usual ailments of the stomach or the throat, headache or minor fevers remain quite away from sportsmen. Sports provide a regular exercise in a nice way. They provide sufficient physical movement. Sportsmen thus usually remain in good physical order.

In addition, a sportsman learns team-spirit which is some thing very essential for success later in life, Wherever and in whatever field or sphere one may work one cannot do everything by oneself. One has to work in company with others. There are many people in the world who remain odd and eccentric, irritated and ill-tempered and do not like to mix up with others for reasons of ‘ temperament and tastes. A sportsman acquires the quality of team-work very early, in the field, and remains a successful man in the sphere of work because he knows how to keep others cheerful and in friendship, and how to give work to, or get work from others.


Sports teach discipline too. A sportsman on the field has always to act under certain discipline—the discipline of the game. Besides, there is the referee to regulate, watch and check. This inculcates a sense of discipline in the sportsman. Owing to this one accustoms oneself to working under proper rules and regulations. One thus develops a disciplined mode of life not only in one’s sphere of work, but even in one’s domestic environments.

A sportsman imbibes qualities of selflessness and fellow-feeling. Whether one is captain, centre-forward or anything else in the field, one has to make sacrifice for fellow-player. Sometimes one has to yield the ball to a fellow player just in order to give him the credit. Victory in the game is not in the name of any one sportsman, however, great his performance might have been; it is ascribed to the team as a whole. A sportsman exerts himself and tries for the good of the whole team. Apart from this, a sportsman has to make allowance for other’s mistakes and has to compromise and reconcile with even fault makers. Sports thus broaden one’s outlook and make one magnanimous and broad-minded.

Sports bring rich dividends to sportsmen. Whether it is the matter of getting admission to Arts College or Engineering Institutions or of procuring jobs, sportsmen receive preference everywhere. Even for recruitment to coveted posts in the Army, a sportsman is invariably preferred to a non-sportsman. At the school or college also, a sportsman is respected” well by teachers, lecturers and the Headmaster or the Principal as the case may be. A sportsman brings honour to the institution when he wins a victory in a tough match. Sportsmen receive even concessions in tuition fee and several other matters. Governments, Departments and even local bodies give preference to sportsmen, ignoring their defects. Thus the weakness and shortcomings of sportsmen are slighted in the face of their sports value.

Sports also bring fame and reputation. Many sportsmen often travel in teams to distant pi aces just to play a match. When they are on the field they are cheered and applauded by crowds. Their names appear in the newspapers with flashy head lines and people are found discussing individual sportsmen. Cricket sportsmen, for instance, are well known for this matter. Sportsmen, also visit foreign countries at the expense of their government or Sports Associations. They undertake special foreign tours and earn high honour. Sometimes they are raised to the skies.

No doubt sports have plenty of uses to their credit, they also sometimes results in damages. Sortie sportsmen lose their limbs in the heat of games. In some cases legs get fractured land some become permanently disabled. Many students owing to an absorbing interest in sports ignore their lessons and remain poor in studies. Sports thus account for some disadvantages too.

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