Essay on a Cattle-Show that you saw


Cattle are the principal wealth of farmers. The dung of cattle is the best fertilizer. Bullocks plough land and draw carts. They work the wheels of oil-presses. They turn the wheels of sugarcane-presses. Cattle shows are organised to educate and encourage the mass to improve their cattle wealth.

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Once, a cattle-show was held near Khandagari on the way to Kalinga Studios, Bhubaneswar. I went to see this exhibition. I booked a ticket and went into the exhibition compound.



There were very large cows in this cattle-shows. The largest cows were brought from the Punjab. Such a cow could give twenty five liter of milk a day. The Haryana bulls were the largest bulls in this show. They had the size of a small elephant. There I saw very large bullocks. These bullocks were very tall and healthy. This exhibition was a very good exhibition. There were many policemen to keep law and order inside the compound. A large number of peasant came to see the exhibition. Officers of the Veterinary Department and the Livestock Department were very busy. Some officers were speaking to the people through a microphone. They were speaking about how to rear good cattle. These speeches were very instructive and they had much educative value. I was very much impressed by their lectures.


This exhibition was quite good. Many cattle-owners were rewarded for their good rearing of cattle. They looked very happy. I can never forget this sight.

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