Essay on a Circus


Circus is well-known all over the world. It is interesting for young children. A circus party is an organized group. It entertains people in its own way and earns money. There are trained persons and trained animals in it. They show different feats and give pleasure to our minds. They have some jokers among themselves. The jokers make humor all the time. In India there are famous Circus parties like the Kamala Circus and the Rayman Circus. In other countries there are still larger parties.

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A circus that I visited


Once I visited the first show of the Rayman Circus at Cuttack. I saw a few many years back. The Circus party was there for five months. They pitched their tent in the playground of P.M. Academy. I booked a ticket, went in and sat on the gallery. The show began at 6 P.M. The Circus people showed many kinds of feats. They played at a height of two hundred meters. An iron wire was set sidewise in the air. A young girl held a many colored plastic umbrella in the hand and walked on the wire. Some young players made body bending feats at a height of twenty meter. Then came the elephants. They sat and saluted the visitors. They were seven in number. Now the horses came. The rider of each horse was a monkey. After they went back a monkey came on a try-cycle. It was a very amusing scene. At last, we saw the lions and the tigers in the steel-cages. They roared and roared and the visitor felt alarmed. The kings of the forest were behind the bars. Hence, we did not lose our heart. The lios were six in number. They all sat one upon another, then they got down. The tigers, were six in number. They stood on their hind legs. Then the lions and the tigers were withdrawn. It was really an interesting circus. The joker amused us all the while. The show was over at 9 P.M. and I came back home.


I was very much impressed by the excellent feats that I saw. It was really wonderful. It was more wonderful that the animals could make such feats. Human mind needs some entertainments. Circus is one of the kinds to serve this purpose.

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