Essay on a Debate in which you took part


I read in Class X in Modern Public School, Bhubaneswar. There is a debating club in our school. Our school debating is held on the last day of every month. On the last Wednesday a debate meeting was held in our school. Our Principle presided over this meeting.

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Thirty students, three of whom were girls, participated as debaters, in this meeting. I was one of them. I took part in this debate for the first time in my life. The motion for this debate was city-life is better than village life. A debater spoke for the motion. He praised the city life very much. He was supported by some of the succeeding speakers. Then my turn came. I went to the table. I spoke against the motion.

What I spoke- “Mr. President respected Sirs, sisters and brothers.

Here I stand before all of you to speak against the motion to speak that city-life is no way better than village-life, to speak that village-life is far better than city-life. In this world peace is desired by every soul. Let us first see where peace is available, whether in a village or in a city. Village life is influenced by natural sceneries. So, the village people get peace of nature. Cities do not have any natural sight. So, they cannot get any peace.

In Village, greens and vegetables are got in fresh condition. But in cities they are old and stale. Mr. President I Oppose the motion.”



In this debate, my speech was very impressive. All those, who were present applauded me by clapping their hands. Then the motion was put to vote. My view got the majority number of votes. The President, in his speech, praised me very much.

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