Essay on a Drama in which you played a role


I am a student of Class X in the Modern Public School, Cuttack. Every year a drama is staged in our school on 26th january in honour of the Republic Day. This year on the same day we staged a drama in our school. The play was about Pratap Singh, the historic Rana of Chittor. I appeared on the role of Pratap Singh.

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Fifteen days prior to the performance I had to attend the rehearsal along with the co-partiers. Our game-teacher has some idea about dramatic directions. He was our Director for fourteen days. For the last fifteenth day a professional Director from Puri was engaged for us. This day was the day for stage rehearsal.

The night of performance:

It was the Republic Day of 1994. The day passed and the sun went down in the west. We got hurry on our parts. Brushing and dressing went on in the Green Room. The partiers of the female-role were nicely painted with glycerine, zink and power. The concert party was ready at their place. The testing of screen movement and light arrangement was finished. The prompters were ready with books in their hands. There was  a large gathering in the auditorium. The drama began at 8 O’ clock.

I played my role:


I played the role of Rana Pratap. My performance was a great success. It was due to my impressive figure and robust health. When I was dressed with the attires of Rana Pratap. I appeared as if the real Rana was on the stage. Besides, I have a clear voice and a heroic tone. People were struck at my sight and clapped their hands as a note of appreciation. My speech and dialogue were as heroic as they could be. I was very much encouraged by the people applauding. Towards the end of the drama. Some gentlemen spoke very high of my performance and promised me gold medals and gifts of money. The drama was over by 6 O’ clock in the morning that followed.


I played this role with great success and with great satisfaction. Hence, it was a great pride for me and for my school where I read.

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