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A fair is held in a particular place at particular time of the year. It is held mainly for the purpose of furthering the sale of goods. It has also a religious bias as all other Aspects of Indian life. We have head of the biggest fairs of Kumbha and Harijharachhatra. But minor fairs are very common in the village centers of India. These fairs are minor in the sense that gathering of people are not as large as the Kumbha or Harijharachhatra. But they are not less important than those biggest fairs, when people’s faith and devotion are taken in the consideration. In Orissa too, we find many fairs round the year. The fair at Kanakpur on the Pana Sankranti day is the most famous.

Effingham County Fair | Effingham County Fair

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The fair is held before the temple gate of the Goddess Sarala. There is a large space which can hold about five thousand people. The sellers in large number come over the place with all their articles for sale. They raise their temporary shops with wall-like projection of bamboo and palm-leaves. They set the same kind of ceilings over their shops. The textiles and the stationeries are rampant and so also the sweets and other kinds of food. many things are sold under the lefty trees. The place of the fair is filled with men, women, and children. Women and children are many more than the male adults. There occurs a rush and a confused noise is raised high. Some children sit on the merry-go-round and some enjoy in looking the bi-scope. Many things are bought and sold. Many people go to the template to pay their heartfelt homage to the goddess Sarala. The temple priests also make some money on this day. The volunteers from the local High School ( Sarala Academy) get sincerely busy in helping the pilgrims.


The Goddess Sarala is highly revered all over Orissa. This fair before the temple is no doubt important of the locality should make better sanitary arrangements and greater supply of drinking water during this occasion.

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