Essay on a Film that you saw


Now-a-days, film shows have become very popular with all classes of people. But all pictures are really not good. Most of them are harmful to the young mind. Sometimes some good pictures are brought for show, but they are very few and far between. Once I happened to see a good picture called ‘Rama-Rajya’ which means the kingdom of Rama. It was a Hindi picture shown at the Hind Cinema, Cuttack.

What is a Film Director? (with pictures)

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I wished to attend the evening show. I booked a first class ticket and went in. The door-keeper took the ticket from me, tore it into two halves and gave me the second half to keep it with me. When I got into the hall, an in-charge came to me, saw the number on my ticket and showed me the right chair. I sat on my seat at the middle of the left row. The show was yet to begin. I looked around. The lights were on. The wall-fans were circulating. The house was not yet full. Men, women, and children were coming in and two in-charges were helping them to find out their respective seats according to the numbers of their tickets. Instrumental music was filling the inside and the outside of the house. The show began after a few minutes with the lights off.


The show began at 6 P.M. at the beginning, we saw the trailers, the documentary pictures and the news-reels. Then the show of the picture ‘Ram-Rajya’ began. At the beginning, there were shown many objects of king Rama’s reign, which are not possible at the present times. There were very high mangoes on very big tree, quite healthy cows  were grazing long grasses. Everything in the reign of Rama was big and plenty.

The picture, Rama-Rajya presented the story of Rama and Sita. It presented the circumstances that led to the banishment of Sita by Rama through Lakshman. It presented how Rama decided to give up his queen Sita in order to please his subject, how Lakshman, by Rama’s order, took Sita under false pretension and left her in the forest close to the hermitage of the sage, Valmiki, how Valmiki came across the weeping Sita and took her to his own hermitage, how Sita who was carrying ten months gave birth to twin sons, how her sons, Laba and Kusha were taught by the sage Valmiki, how these boys arrested the sacred horse of Rama, how they fought and defeated the soldiers of Ayodhya, how Sita offered another fire-test and how sad Sita dropped into the interior of the earth never to return again.


The presentation of the whole story was very lively. The figures of Rama, Lakshman, Valmiki and Sita were very impressive. The music was nice. The song, which was recited by Laba and Kusha before the king Rama in his royal court, was very charming.

After half-time there was an interval for five minutes but I did not go out.


This picture appealed me very much. It was a good picture no doubt. With a good impression, I came out of the half through one of the exits.

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