Essay on A Great Historical Personality


In history we read many persons. A few of them are the most outstanding characters. Ashoka is one of them. Ashoka is the greatest of all the historical character of the world. Because he could bring about a revolution in the duty of the king towards his subject. He held that a king is responsible no only for the worldly well-being of his subjects but also for their well-bring in their life after death. He became kind not only to men but also to all other animals. he set the Law of Piety in motion which was called Dharma Chakra Pravartana, Hence, Ashoka was the greatest of all historical characters.


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Ashoka Life Sketch


Ashoka was the son of Bindusara and the grandson of Chandragupta Maury. it is said that Ashoka was very rowdy and violent in his early life. He ascended the throne after killing his ninety-nine brothers. These are but legends. There are no historical proof to back these hearsays.

Ashoka ascended the throne in 273 B.C. For the first twelve years of his reign, Ashoka governed the empire of Magadha very much as his father and grandfather. Then he set out on campaign for the conquest of Kalinga. In this cruel war 1 Million persons were taken as war captives. 100K persons were slain and quite a large number of people died of hunger. Now, Ashoka repented for what he had done. he left a deep remorse for having conquered the Kalinga with intensive and extensive cruelty. Never again did Ashoka wage on aggressive war. For the remember of his long reign, he devoted himself to the betterment of his subjects.

The father of his people

Ashoka set up a lot of rock-edicts in different places for the people to read and to follow. In all those edicts Ashoka speaks of himself as the father of his people. “All men are my children’ Ashoka says again and again. he compares his as the skilful nurse is eager to carry for the happiness of the child, even so my governors have been  created for the welfare and happiness of the country. Ashoka made himself accessible to his subject nigh and day to hear complaints of grievance, whether in eating of in the ladies apartments or in his private room or in his carriage. Ashoka was Buddhist but the believed in toleration. he gave endowments impartially to all religious sects. Ashoka was anxious to stop the killing of animals. People must be taught to be merciful to all living creatures. Animal sacrifices were absolutely forbidden.  he built hospitals for man and beast. he dispatched Buddhist missions to preach the Law of Piety to other countries. His vast kingdom was prosperous in every reigned undisturbed during Ashoka. There were no enemies within our outside his empire. Ashoka died in 232 B.C.



Ashoka was a great historical personality. The whole accepts this view. Ashoka is an ideal to be followed by any Government. Ashok’s Dharma Chakra ( the wheel of the Law of Piety) has found place on the national flag of India. It is the signal of peace and non-violence. Hence, Ashoka was the greatest historical personality having no parallel even before and after him.

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