Essay on A Great National Leader of India


The national leaders lead their nations. But the best of them give their lives for the good of their nations. They dedicate themselves in the interest of their nations. So, if they die they become martyrs and if they live they become heroes. Gandhiji was the greatest national leader of India. He is a martyr. He died for his country. He built the Indian Nation. He brought freedom to India and her people. So, he is revered as the father of the nation.

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Gandhiji early life


The full name of Gandhiji was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He was born at Porbandar in Kathiawar on the 2nd October 1869. His father Kaba Gandhi was the Dewan of Kathiawar. His mother Putalibai was very pious lady. Her piety has a great influence on  Gandhiji’s character. Gandhiji was very truthful and kind since his childhood. After finishing his education up to Matric Standard he went to England for higher education. There he become a Barrister at-law and come back to India. He married Kasturibai, when he was only thirteen years old. He went to South Africa as a Barrister and worked for the Indians living there. There he experimented truth and non-violence. Gandhiji came back to India in 1914. He was then forty-five years old. he began his public life in this country. He took up the cause of the Indigo farmers of Champaran in Bihar and the farmers of Kaira in Gujurat. Gandhiji then took the leadership of Indian National Congress and made it a revolutionary body.

What Gandhiji did for India

Gandhiji began the civil disobedience movement against the British Government. He demanded freedom for India. Jawaharlal Nehru, Sarder Patel and Raj Gopalachari joined him. This movement was successful. The Indians come to limited power in 1937. Gandhi then worked for the social reform and economic improvement of the people. He worked to remove untouchability and to introduce village industries like spinning and weaving. He preached to the people to be clean in body and mind. He put stress on the local sanitary work. He also worked to established communal harmony between the Hindus and the Mohammedans in India. In 1942 he began the Quit India Movement. So, the British left India and India become free on 15th August 1947, thought a part of India formed another State called Pakistan. Gandhiji was killed by a Hindu fanatic on the 30th January 1984. Because he misunderstood Gandhiji’s approach at the communal question. Gandhiji is no more among us. But his sprit lives with every Indian. He is truly the father of the Indian Nation.



Gandhiji was a great national leader. But still he was a great humanitarian and a great cosmopolitan. He thought the nation as a part of the great human society. Though we honor him as our great national leader he is revered by the world as a great friend of mankind.

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