Essay on a Picnic


There are various ways in which a man entertains himself. Picnic is kind of open air entertainment. It is a feast in the forest, the participants, with all their necessary articles, go to the woods where they cook together, sit together and eat together. Then they come back with light heart and happy mind.


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The purpose of picnic is to make the best use of a day’s holiday. Picnic serves its purpose well. It inspires a common action among a group of friends. It keeps them in a good holiday-mood. It makes them go the nearest woods which is beneficial to their health. It gives them pleasure of feast and forest. Here  they learn how to work with pleasure. Here they learn how to work in common and enjoy in common.

Time and Place

Winter season is the best time for going on picnics. But we should not chose a foggy weather. A sunny day is the best day for having a picnic. This day should have a moonlit nigh due after it, so that the picnickers will keep unworried, even if it gests late in the evening. Beside it will give and addition pleasure and the return-trip will not be a difficulty. The picnickers should spot a suitable place in the nearest woods. They should see that the place does not lack in facility of water for drinking, cooking and washing.

A Picnic that you had


We the students of Class IX of Modern Public School were in high good humour following the last Terminal Examination. Hence, we proposed to go on picnic on the Xmas day which was to fall on the 25th December. We wished to hold the picnic in the botanical garden which is a mile away. Two of us went to find out a suitable spot. They fixed the spot which was an harbor, quite close to stream of water. We also decided what should be our menu. The menu showed a list of rice, dal, fried potato, curry of cauli-flower, salad and condiment of tomato. We purposely avoided meat and fish because they were not readily available. We extended our cordial invitation to our respected teachers.

On the sunny Xmas day we started for the spot in the forest with the loads of picnic articles. We carried the cooking ingredients. We carried the cooking utensils. We carried the carpets to sit on. We carried a set of transistor four Carrom Boards two chess-boards and four packs of playing-cards. We had a cook and a servant to help us in cooking and serving.

No sooner had  we reached the place then we set to work. Within half hour the hearths were ready. The cooking started in full swings. Half the vegetables were dressed, carpets were spread. But this time our respected Sirs reached there and took their seats on the carpets. We had enough time for playing chess and carrom. Some of us played at cards. Some listened the radio. Our teachers too played at cards among themselves. Our Principal was busy reading the magazines. After the cooking was over, we all sat for eating. We were all happy over our meals. The dishes were tasteful. Our teacher first took leave and went back home. Then we took account of the articles. We carried back the articles with us. It was evening them. The moon was beaming from the east. The weather was cool. We came back home talking, laughing and singing all they way.



Picnic is very common with the school children. College students also go on picnics. Officers and their subordinates start for picnics. Picnic is certainly the best of use of day’s holiday.

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