Essay on Adult Education


In a country, everybody should know how to read and write and how to count. But in India a large mass of people are illiterate. Only fifteen percent of the Indians are literate. So, since a long time there is a movement in India for adult education. In the time of the first popular ministry, the Indian provinces had literacy campaign. The Government took initiative in it. But this campaign, was stopped when the Second World War broke out.

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Why adult education is necessary:


A nation cannot improve if most of its people are illiterate. It is a bar against the progress of the nation. The present age is the people’s age. We have a democratic form of Government. Democracy cannot be successful if our people remain illiterate. Because they cannot read the newspapers. They cannot read the political pamphlets. They remain in dark about the public affairs. People should be literate for their easy conduct in the society and for the success of democracy. Literate people can work better than the illiterate and so the nation will progress.

What should be done for it:

There should be a wide literacy campaign in India. Night schools should be opened in every village for the adults. Because they cannot leave their work at day-time. The night schools should be supplied with free education, free kerosine, free lantern, free books and slates. The adults should be divided into members age-groups, Separate classes should be held for the members of each age-group. Government should make all the facilities for them.



Adult education or literacy campaign is badly needed in India. Only the Government cannot do all that is necessary. The people on their part should do what they can in this respect. The students can play a good role in this field. They can teach the adults in the night schools.

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