Essay on an Agricultural Exhibition that you saw


Once, an agricultural exhibition was held in front of the Barabati Stadium, Cuttack. I went to see this exhibition. I booked  ticket and went into the exhibition compound.

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Many rooms were set up close to the compound wall. In one room there were bananas. These bananas were one foot long. In another room there were potatoes. These potatoes had the size of a jack-fruit. In another room there were guavas. These guavas were as big as cocoanut. In another room there were paddy seeds. These sees were much bigger than ordinary paddy seeds. These seeds had high productive capacity. Thus, there were the largest fruits, the largest vegetable and the largest grains in this exhibition. Besides, there were some modern instuments. These were the agricultural instruments. These were bull-dozers, motor-tractors and water pump.

There were many policemen to keep law and order in exhibition compound. A large number of people came to see this exhibition. Some officers spoke to the people through a microphone.


It was a good exhibition. The best producers got rewards for their goods. They looked very happy. I can never forget this sight.

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