Essay on an Ideal Hostel


Most of the schools have their own hostels. But all the hostels are not good. These hostels should be remodeled following a proper idea. Hence, we should know what an ideal hostel is.

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The building of the hostel should be quite spacious. They should be well-ventilated. There should be sufficient doors and windows to let in light and airs.


There should be sufficient sleeping-accommodations like coats with bed-steads. There should be chairs and tables of required number. There should be small almirahs to keep books, notes, pens and other instruments in them.

Other buildings:


There should be separate-buildings for kitchen, dining and meeting. Neat and clean people should be appointed as cooks and menials of an ideal hostel.


An ideal hostel does not admit more students than its capacity. It admits only well natured students who can stand ideal to day-scholars.



An ideal hostel appoints a good Superintendent who can take interest in the inmates, in study and games, in debating and reciting, in manners and decorum, in discipline and harmony. He should be a man of high character and influence. He should know how to make a man out of mud and it must have been a pleasure with him.


An ideal hostel should possess all the requirements for the all-round development of its members. There should be all facilities for the development of the spirit of service and leadership in them.

Note: This article/essay is written in easy words for School Students Only.

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