Essay on an Indian Game


After our contact with the western civilization, foreign games have become very popular with us. Since then, the Indian games have been neglected by the people. But still there are some Indian games which are very popular in the countryside. The game of hide-and-seek is the one of them.

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The game of hide-and-seek is out-and-out an Indian game. This game is very popular with the little children of our country. This game is played at about 4 P.M. Sometimes it is played at the early hours of moonlit night.

In this game a grown up lady acts as the ‘Mother’. She sits tights at a specified place. One of the players is marked by lot. He is called ‘thief’. He is blind-folded by the mother for a minute. Other players hide themselves to their convenience. After the minute is over, the blind-fold of the thief is removed by the mother. Thief tries to find out and touch one of the hidden boys, the hidden boys try to touch the mother before thief touches them. If the thief can touch a boy before the latter touches the mother, then the latter is called the thief and blind-fold and others go to hide themselves. If the thief cannot touch anyone he becomes the thief again. Thus, the game continues for about an hour.


The game of hide-and-seek is very common with the Indians in their childhood. But when they grow up they discard it and like to play the games like Kabadi and Ha-du-du. However, they remember their happy childhood when they see the little children playing hide-and-seek in the courtyards, sideyards, frontyards and backyards of their houses.

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