Essay on an Indian Village


India is an agricultural country. So, it is a country of villages. An Indian village is a collection of mud-houses with corn-fields spreading near about. The villagers are poor. They have no money for pucca buildings. So, they live in houses of mud with straw-roofs overhead. An Indian village is typically marked with a temple and a pathasala. But the paths are dark and dirty. An Indian village is decked with a lot of trees and creepers. Here we find groves of mango and clumps of bamboo. Tall trees of palm, date-palm and cocoanut make the village beautiful. We also find the groves of jackfruit and pineapples.

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An Indian village is surrounded by corn fields, close to it. Then village farmers work here round the year and raise their crops. They grow food grains, oil-seeds, fruit, vegetables, jute and cotton. Every house is attached with a kitchen-garden where they grow greens and gourds.


In India the village-industries are generally handicrafts. An Indian villagers full of weavers, potters, goldsmiths, blacksmiths, carpenters, braziers and basket-makers.



An Indian village suffers from scarcity of water. The village ponds are shallow. Hence, they dry away before the advent of summer. In other seasons the foolish villagers make the water dirty.


People of an Indian village are hale and hearty. They work hard in sun and shower. Still they are poor. Their children move naked and play in dust. Their animals are, generally, cattle and goats. The villagers amuse in a plain manner. They observe village festivals and enjoy the open-pendal dramas. But they suffer from timely epidemics like cholera and small-pox as they are ignorant and illiterate.



After all, life in an Indian village is no doubt sweet for us, for the beautiful natural sceneries all round and the plain character of living. It is divine for its purity and simplicity. Still an Indian village needs to be uplifted in the light of modern civilization by science and technology.

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