Essay on Caste-System in India


There is some kind of caste-system in every society. But in India the caste-system is rigid. The world knows the rigidity of the Indian caste-system.

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About 2500 years ago the Aryans came to India. At first, they settled on the valley of the Indus. At that time, they had to fight with the Dravidians. They wanted to establish discipline in their own society. So, they divided themselves into four classes. They are the priests, the warriors, the traders and the menials. This system was based on the distribution of the duties. Gradually, this system became hereditary and numerous sub-castes issued forth. Later untouchability as a system crept into our society. The whole system shifted to the wrong basis of superstition and blind faith.


The caste-system had some virtues. Thereby a strong social discipline could be maintained. Owing to the hereditary cast-duties. Each caste specilized in a particular trade. Each caste was just like a trade-syndicate or a guild. This system stabilized the village economy for a long time.



The caste-system had some disadvantages. A man could not take up a trade after his own choice. Because there was the caste-bar. The ugly untouchability badly affected the so-called lower caste people.

The caste-system challenged:

Gandhiji and his group challenged the Hindu caste-system. They launched an open rebellion against the age-old untouchability. The untouchables were called Harijans of the God’s people. India has become free. The untouchability has been minimized by law and public propaganda. The caste-system is now loosened and slackened. Inter-caste marriages are now beyond counting. The hotel industry has now killed the caste-pride. The caste system is no more functioning. It is now totally inactive. Now it is defunct.



The Hindu caste-system is gone. With it is gone Hindu social discipline. Our social system is now in the melting pot. Nobody knows what shape it will take.

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