Essay on Choosing a Profession


In this world man cannot live without doing a profession. He must have to do some sort of profession to maintain his livelihood. But which professions should he follow?

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There are many professions in the world, such as the professions of doctor, engineer, professor, officer, teacher, soldier, clerk, peon, driver, conductor, jailor, collector, printer, publisher, welder, moulder, draftsman, machineman, policeman, milkman, oilman, fisherman, washerman, trader, shop-keeper and so on. It is very difficult for a man to choose the right profession for himself.


Why it difficult to choose a profession:

Choosing a profession is very difficult, no doubt. Because a man wishes to get a profession that carries high power, fat salary and high quarters with beautiful furniture. But he forgets to consider how far he is fit for this profession. How far he is able to do this work and whether he will like to do the nature of work allied with this profession. So, it is very likely that he may do a wrong choice of profession.

Danger in choosing a wrong profession:

A profession which is right for one man be wrong for another. Because ability and aptitude differ from man to man. If a man takes up  a profession for which he is unfit, he leads a life of unhappiness, inefficiency and frustration. Life becomes a burden to him. Suppose a man likes to sit and do clerical works but he joins the executive line only because that carries handsome pay, position and power. Consequently he proves misfit and feels miserable. So, he cannot prosper in his profession.



Choosing a profession, is no doubt important in one’s life. So, one should choose a profession after thinking over the pros and cons of it.

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