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Science has made many gifts to the world. Cinema is one of them. Cinema is a development through many ages. It is the making of many scientists. - MOVIE TIME Words Home Theater Decor Metal Wall Art ...

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At first, cinema could show only the speechless figures. Then, it improved and showed the figures in action. Later, speech and music have been fitted to cinema. Now, cinema can show full-fledged pictures with voice and music, with sound and noise. We can see the tiger and hear its roaring. We can see the streamlet and hear its melody. We can see the maiden singing and the mad man raving. We can see the drama and plays in the cinema. Cinema is now-a-days, very common. A single city bears numerous cinema halls.



Cinema has many advantages for us. It is a very good means of entertainment. We hear valuable songs and music in the cinema. We see interesting drama and play in the cinema. Cinema is not only interesting but is sometimes instructive. The trailer and the documentary pictures give us much knowledge. We see the pictures of distant cities, oceans, mountains, deserts and the important pictures in the cinema.


Cinema is in many ways harmful. The harm is not for the machine and instrument but for the choice of pictures. Sometimes very bad love-pictures and the pictures of imaginary crimes are shown in the cinema. They have a very bad effect upon our people. Some people get addicted to cinema. They forget their other duties. Some steal money to visit a cinema. Some do not spend money on their dependants, because they spend money to see the picture. So, their wives and children starve. Their sick parents do not get medicine. Cinema also spoils the eyesight of the visitors.



cinema should be cleaned off its badness. Only good and instructive pictures should be allowed into the cinema. However, cinema is improving in this respect. Good pictures are forthcoming. Cinema has now made it own world. It has the producers, the cinema artists, the cinema script writers, the habitual visitors and the admirers. The cinema-artists earn millions of rupees in this trade. Some cinema-starts are very famous and renowned. The Censor Department of the Government of India is showing the noble way on the cinema-industry.

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