Essay on Compulsory Military Training


In every country we find a military department. Every country needs soldiers and weapons to keep peace and tranquility inside the country and to fight out the external enemies. India is a large country. So, she needs large military organization, large Army, large Navy and large Air Force.

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The present position:


For long two hundred years, India was under the British rule. The British Government took away the weapons from the possession of the Indians. The Indians could not get military training for a long time. So, the Indians do not know how to fight wars and battles. They have become cowards. They fear to face the foreign enemies. Now India is an independent country. She has to defend herself from the external aggression. She has to fight out the external aggression. She has to put down the internal disruption too, all the Indians should be brave and daring. They should know the military science.

Why military training should be made compulsory:

India is a large country. It is called a sub-continent having a vast peninsula. India has a long line of boundary. She has got her enemies too. So, large and powerful army is required for India. Every healthy Indian should get military training. Indians are very timid by nature. They do not like the military training. So, the military training should be made compulsory for all. It is necessary in the large interest of the country.

What has been done in this respect:


The Government has opened many training centres all over the country. Different military courses have been provided for the people of different age-groups. The trainees are well fed, well-clad and well-paid. The National Cadet Corps and the Auxiliary Cadet Corps have been arranged in the educational institutions. These should be made compulsory for all the students without delay.

The role of the students:

The students should willingly join the National Cadet Corps and the Auxiliary Cadet Corps. They should follow military discipline in their everyday life. They should advise their local people to get military training.



The Government of India should effect conscription all over the country. Many people should be recruited for the purpose. Every able-bodied persons should be enlisted as a trainee. Every Indian should welcome the compulsory military training inside the country.

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