Essay on Cottage industries of your Village


I belong to the village Govindpur in the district of Cuttack Some of the villagers are artisans. They live on different kinds of cottage industry. These are as follows:

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There are about eight or ten weaver families in my village weaving is their main profession. They make cloth and napkins with the help of their handlooms.


There are about five or six potter families in my village. They make earthen vessels with the help of their wheels. They make many kinds of cup and saucer. They make a lot of earthen lamps to be used in Diwali.



There are about three or four carpenter families in my village they make many kinds of wooden article, such as table, chair, bench desk, stool, cot, door-plank, window-plank, door frame, widow frame, plough and holder.

Iron works:

There are three blacksmith families in my village. They work in their work shops. Their workshops are called smithies. They make the iron red-hot in their bellows. They put it on an anvil and smite. It with a hammer. Thus, they make axe, nails, bill-hook, plough-share and many other things.

Basket making:


There are some basket makers at the western end of my village. They make baskets of abmboo-strips and cane-splits.


These are the cottage industries of my village Govindpur. The makers of them sell their goods in the local market and make some money. As they cannot compete with machine-made goods, they are dragging in very miserable condition. So, the cottage industries of my village are in a state of decline. They need to be protected by Government help.

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