Essay on Cyclone in Orissa


Cyclone is a natural calamity. It occurs in a hot country and in the hot season. It begins over a sea and hits the sea-coast for miles together.

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It does a terrible damage to the coastal people. Orissa is a hot country. It is situated by the Bay of Bengal. So, it is greatly affected by cyclone at her coastal districts, such as Balasore, Cuttack, Puri and Ganjam.


How cyclone hits Orissa:

Cyclone does a great damage to the coastal people of Orissa. When in (cyclone) moves across the land, it knocks down the houses. Trees are blown away. Cities and settlements are terribly lashed by the hit of cyclone. When it moves over the sea, the water of the sea is upset. Huge waves of sea-water rush at the shore and does a great damage to the people. Many people are rendered homeless. Crops are ruined. Many people are killed and many are wounded. A lot of domestic animals are killed. Thus, cyclone leaves a terrible mark of destruction in its wake. This loss to Orissa amounts to crores of rupees. No amount of relief can make good this loss.


Year after year, Orissa has been suffering from the cateclysm of cyclone. The cyclone occurred in 1971 caused a terrible damage in the Kendrapara subdivision. There a sea-side village called Jambu was totally wiped out by the seawaves that rushed at the land. Hence, steps should be taken to save Orissa from the hit of cyclone. For this, extensive and dense forest of tall trees should be planted by the sea-side. A radar should be installed at Paradip to know before time the rising of cyclone, so that the people of Orissa will keep alert before the cyclone comes.

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