Essay on Dewy Season


After Autumn, comes the Dewy Seasons. The Dewy Season is composed of November and December. It is called the Dewy Season, because drops of dew fall during this periods. Dew-drops are cold. They make the nature cool during their seasons.


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General Description


The Dewy Season is cool season. Its coolness is very pleasant to feel. The cool wind beings to blow from the north. it gives us a cool touch and a cool sensation passes over our body. This season is not as biting as winter. It is very mild and sweet. All the nigh, drops of dew keep on falling. They dew-drops are found on the leave of trees and creepers. They are found on the blades of grass. Early in the morning, patches of dew drops are seen everywhere on the earth. Nature seems to have a cold bath. Sometimes a cock-crow, we get up and gaze at the gray lines of gaze. Snow beings to fall on the Himalayas. After snow, comes the frost. Early in the morning, the sun is red and beautiful. It looks like a red rose of large size. The sun reflects on the dew-wash and nature looks colored at the time. In this Dewy Season the sun is mellow. it is never hot. Its rays are warm and pleasant.

The Dewy Season is also the time of harvest. The grass of paddy are perfectly ripe on the ears of the plants. They are ready to be harvested. The blithe farmers reap the paddy with the fullness of their hearts. They are called corn-reapers and they joyfully sing many kinds of harvest-song. In the afternoon, the peasants carry the cropped plants of paddy to their barn-yards. There they bring the plants under the hoof of the bullocks, where the grains thrashed out of the stalks. Then the farmers store the grains in the barns. They group the straw pieces into bundles and pile them up in their barn-yards. Now, the farmers are happy over their toils. They celebrate the harvest home and share the feast with their friends and neighbors.


The Dewy Season is the happiest season for the farmers. It is the season for reaping the harmers. People believe that the goddess of harvest leaves her celestial adobe in order to visit the earth. So, the earth is full of scenic beauties of nature.

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