Essay on Dowry system in India


Since the degeneration of the Indian society a lot of vices have grown within it. Demand for heavy dowry is one of suck vices.

Housewife strangled to death for dowry | Dhaka Tribune

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The problem of dowry:


In the marriage-system in ancient India, dowry was not a demand of the bridegroom or of any one of his side. It was a voluntary gift of the bride’s father. But in the modern educated class, dowry has become a demand of bridegroom and they are demanding such as heavy dowry that it has become impossible for the parents to give their daughters in marriage. Indeed, many accomplished girls are rotting unmarried only because their parents are unable to meet the heavy demand of the bridegrooms. An educated man of the middle income-group is found to be demanding, among other things, thousands of rupees as passage money, majestic motor-cycle, double chained, wrist watch of all pure gold, colour TV, refrigerator, civic homestead and the cost of taking foreign education. In a neighboring State, the problem of dowry has become so acute that the parents are encouraging their daughters to woo the young men and to marry them by registration. In Orissa, too parents will follow the same example if the present situation does not improve for them.


The educated people should think and realize how unholy it is to demand a rich dowry for taking the hand of a bride. They should know that it is immoral and sinful to demand dowry and the sake of holy marriage. While demanding dowry they should think of their unmarried sisters and future daughters so that they will refrain from this ugly demand. They should realize that dowry has never changed the fate or financial position of any one in this world. If they do not realize these simple truths, girls should organize themselves to such an extent that no girl will marry a man who demands a rich dowry for her hand.



Now, the Government has enacted a law to check the system of dowry in our country. Demand for dowry has become a cognizable offence. A groom demanding dowry can be criminally prosecuted. But it is not enough. A man demanding rich dowry should be debarred from holding a Government job, as in the case of a man having more than one wife.

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