Essay on Drought in Orissa


Drought means acute dryness. It results from failure of rain. Drought is deadlier than flood and cyclone. The coming of Monsoon is uncertain in Orissa. So, in most of years, Orissa suffers from drought ravage.

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Drought in Orissa:


In 1866 a terrible drought took place all over Orissa. It caused the death of one-third of people. So, the Government made a canal system in Orissa. From that time the ravage of drought does not seize the whole for this land. But the parts outside the canal facilities are hit hard by drought when it breaks out. These parts of Orissa are generally the districts of Mayurbhanj, Kalahandi, Bolangir, Boud, Phulbani, Sundargarh and Sambalpur. In 1966 these districts were greatly affected by drought. People suffered from scarcity of water. Crops could not thrive. So, famine broke out. People starved and their animals too. The Government tried to cope with the situation. Relief was granted. Pope Paul of Rome donated a lot of money. Thus, the lives of the people could be saved.


As the coming of monsoon is uncertain in Orissa, we apprehend drought in most of years. For this the country can make an advance provision of relief. But prevention is always better than cure. We can prevent-drought by means of science. We can project an artificial rain over the drought-affected area. We can sink for us a large number of water pipes. We can grow the greens and vegetables, which need a small amount of water. Beside, we should keep in reserve a large stock of food and fodder. Thus, we can check a drought of its ravage.

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