Essay on Exhibitions and their uses


In modern times exhibitions form an important feature in all our national and international endeavors.

Exhibitions have become an important medium for mass-education for our economic and cultural development. Hence, exhibitions have become very common all over the world.

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Exhibitions are organized on national and international level. They are also organized on continental level. They are also organized on provincial or local level. Local exhibitions may pertain to district, subdivision, block or panchayat area. Sometimes a university, a college, school or an equivalent institution holds an exhibition. The organizers of exhibitions may be U.N.O. or the Government of a country or a provincial Government or a Corporation, a Municipality or a village panchayat or an educational institution or a committee formed for the purpose. Sometimes big businessmen and industrialists organize exhibitions of their goods. Big publishers, too organize book exhibitions.

Kinds of exhibition:

Exhibitions are of many kinds, such as Industrial exhibition, Agricultural Exhibitions, Bovine Exhibition, Poultry Exhibitions, Agricultural implements exhibitions, Science Exhibitions and so on.


Rush for sight:

Good Exhibition find heavy rush of people who come to see, learn and enjoy. An exhibition once started, continues for many days and waves of people pour into get a sight of it and go back with good impression on their minds.

Light, fan, water-supply, radio, mike, police-post and authorized volunteers are the common features of an exhibition place. Those which are not free exhibitions sit inside a compound wall with a booking office at the gate.

Use of exhibition:


Exhibitions are meant for very many uses. People get direct knowledge of things and know their methods. They feel inspired to emulate the producers and try to make such things by themselves. Exhibitions create a good atmosphere for greater and better production of goods. Hence, goodness lies in exhibition.


Exhibitions are useful, no doubt. Hence, more and more exhibitions should be organized in our country.

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