Essay on Famine


Famine is a name of acute scarcity of food. It breaks out, when and where the crops fail. It is mainly due to the failure of crops. Hence, it follows a high drought. Besides, it breakout when the crops are destroyed by a cataclysm like flood, cyclone or earthquake, Sometimes it follows a great war or a vast revolution.

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General Conditions


When an area is caught by famine, people suffer a lot. They do not get anything to eat. So, they get famished. They sell everything for a morsel of food. Some people climb the tree and pluck sprout of leaves to feed themselves. But the sprouts also exhaust. People die like worms and files. The dead bodies rotting everywhere.. It is a horrible sight to see people dying all around. Gold and silver lose their value. The rich people mean the people who have the last year’s store of grains. The hungry people forget the moral code. They become thieves and robbers. They become bandits. Hence, riches are quite unsafe at the time.


During the famine, the Government fives relief to the famine-stricken people. The Government  gives free gift of food and diet. The Government gives free gift of medicines. because cholera and diarrhea are quite common during the famine. Patriots and philanthropists are active to abate the sufferings of the people. But any relief is quite insufficient for this vast devastation.



Famines are found in every age in our history. In 1866 a great famine broke out in Orissa. One-third of the Orissan people died of it. But now it is the age of science. So, famine can be controlled within short time. Because other parts of the world can make a quick supply food grains. Canals and reservoirs are multiplying to combat drought. Now, there is no fear of famine under sagacious Government.

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