Essay on Food problem of India


India is now facing an acute shortage of food. Indian soil is unable to feed her growing population, for which huge quantities of food grains are imported from the foreign countries like U.K., U.S.A., Australia and Burma.

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Consequently, great amount of Indian wealth is drained away to the other parts of the world leaving India in abject poverty and excessive misery.


Cause of food shortage of India:

The following are the principle causes of food-shortage in our country.

  • Want of improved methods of cultivation through science and technology.
  • Poverty and ignorance of Indian formers.
  • Tillers are not in feasts and picnics.
  • Wastage of food in feasts and picnics.
  • Wastage of food in wrong process of cooking.
  • Wastage of food for ignorance of preserving method.
  • Want of cold storage facility.
  • Defective food habit.
  • Dishonesty of dealers.
  • Excessive growth of population.

How to solve the food problem of India:

The following are the possible remedies to eradicate the Indian food problem.

  • Introduction of improved method of cultivation based on science and technology.
  • Improvement of financial and educational status of the Indian cultivators.
  • Attracting educated people to the profession of cultivation.
  • Provision of water-pipes, electricity, insecticides, fertilizer and research work for agriculture.
  • Mechanization of agriculture.
  • Equitable land-reform.
  • To refrain from holding feast and picnics in order to check the possible wastage of food.
  • To know the proper method of dressing and cooking in order to check the wastage of food.
  • To know the method of food preservation in order to save the perishable foods from wastage.
  • Provision of cold storage in every village and refrigerator in every household.
  • Changing food habit on everybody’s part.
  • Family-Planning through birth control.



Food problem is the most vexing problem of India. It is the most insulting problem too. The Government of India is trying its best to increase the food-production through block development project, national extension project, community project, package-programme and grow more food campaign. It is trying to curb the growth of population by extensive mass-education through ceaseless propaganda and by opening special clinic for birth-control. The people of India should do what they should do to remove the scarcity of food from the Indian soil.

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