Essay on Holi


Holi is a famous Hindu festival. It is also known as Dola. Generally, it falls in the month of March. But the exact date varies from year to year. This festival celebrates the death of the Ogress Holika at the hands of Lord Krishna.

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Holi is an occasion for great rejoicing. In the morning of the Holi day every youth is busy with coloured water and coloured powder. It is an occasion for great fun. People enjoy the squirting of coloured water and the smearing of coloured powder. The village deities are carried by the wooden shrines to a common ground of meeting. The deity is carried in a great procession of men, women and children. All are sprayed with coloured water. All are smeared with coloured powder. All are happy and joyous. The drums and other instruments raise a peculiar sound. People caroled at the top of their voice.

How I observed:

This year, I had a chance to see the festival. This time I was in Cuttack. I remained in a small settlement of people in the Cantonment Road. We had a deity there. I joined the procession. We squirted coloured water at one another. We smeared the coloured powder on one another. It was a great merriment for us. We arranged a band party. When we trod along the street. I felt a great joy in my heart.



Holi is a very amusing festival. But sometimes it leads to communal quarrel and communal riots, because of its custom of throwing coloured water at others. This festival marks the beginning of early summer. Students get long holidays on the occasion. They should advice people not to throw coloured water at the unwilling persons.

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