Essay on Hostel Life


Many students live in hostels. There they live a kind of life which is different from their life at home. This life in hostel is known as hostel life.

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Students living in hostels lead a very regular life. They are very punctual in their daily duties. They get up at right time. They bathe at right time. They pray to God at right time. They come back to hostel at right time. They sit for lunch, dinner and breakfast at right times. They sup and sleep at right times. So, they are busy from 5 P.M. to 9 P.M. in a very regular and punctual manner. The bell of the hostel rings at right points of time to make the inmates regular and punctual. On Saturdays they hold music and debates. On Sundays they borrow books from the library of the hostel.

The mess of the hostel is directly managed by the inmates. At the end of every month they hold a meeting, discuss the mess-accounts and elect a Manager for the succeeding month from among themselves. They eat the foods of general nature. On Saturdays and Sundays they make feasts and picnics and eat with a happier mood. On holidays and holy days, they make merry with pomp and ceremony.


Hostel life is very advantages for those who undertake it. The inmates get better facility for study through discussion in a hostel than in any other place. Here they learn discipline through the rigor of rules and through mutual adjustment and co-operation.



Hostel-life suffers from the possible disadvantages. These are due to some unruly inmates or to some unworthy Superintendents or to both the sides. Lack of essential necessities and necessary provisions bears a very bad effect on hostel discipline.


In a hostel, students of different places, different families, different tastes and temperaments happen to live together. Here they sink down their differences and try to adjust with one another and learn how to live successfully in a large society after they leave their school. Here they learn how to live a corporate life with full sympathy and co-operation. so, hostel life is a good life no doubt.

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