Essay on Independence Day of India


For a long time our Motherland India was under a foreign Government. She got back her freedom on the 15th August 1947. Since then every year we have been observing the 15th August as our Independence Day.

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Why it should be observed:


We should observe the independence Day to remember our great national struggle and our great victory. It is a holy and auspicious day for us. Besides, this day reminds us our duty and responsibility for our country. On this day, we review what we have done during the year past. We think what we should do during the year beginning. On this day, we take the solemn pledge to serve our mother country. Our Independence Day is great occasion for us.

How it is observed:
This day is observed with much pomp and grandeur in the cities and towns. It is quite fittingly celebrate in our national capital. New Delhi and in all the State capitals. On this day, we see the police parade and the march past. People rally round the National Flags of India. Flag-hoisting forms an important part of this ceremony. The National Anthem “Jana Gana Mana…” is sung everywhere. Our President, Prime Minister, Ministers, Governors and State ministers publish their messages to the Nation. All the educational institutions and organizations observe this day with morning-procession and flag-hoisting. Sweets are distributed among the children. Every house and every office building is highly decorated on this day. In the evening, meetings are held all over the country to commemorate our great national leaders and workers who sacrificed their lives for freedom of India.


It is scared duty of every Indian young and old to observe the independence day of India. It is the day on which we should sincerely promise to be dutiful to our Motherland. Our Independence day is a great occasion for us.

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