Essay on Indian Fruit


India is known as the epitome of the world. Here we find all kinds of climate. Hence in India we produce almost all kinds of fruit.

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Kinds of Fruits


Many kinds of fruits are produced in India. They care coconut, mango, jack-fruit, palm, date-palm, plantain, banana, guava, apple, pineapple, cucumber, musk-melon, water melon, lemon, papaya, orange, grape and pomegranate.

Their Uses

We press the cocoanuts and oil is squeezed out of them. Coconut-oil is used as a medium of cooking. It is also used as toilets. Soaps are made of the cocoanut oil. The kernel of the cocoanut is very sweet to taste. The milk of the green coconut is very cool and refreshing. Many kinds of cakes and sweets are made from the cocoanut. The cocoanuts grow in plenty in the seacoasts of India.

Mango is an equatorial fruit. A large number of mango-groves are found in the hot region of India. Mangoes ripe during the summer months. Ripe mangoes are generally sweet to taste. Green are made into many kinds of condiments.


Plantains are very common in India. There are two classes of plantains. One class of the plantains is meant for curry. These plantains are used before they begin to ripe, the other class of the plantains is allowed to ripe. Such plantains are called bananas. The ripe bananas are eaten raw.

Cucumbers are found in summer months. A green cucumber with a tip of salt makes a nice salad. The musk melons and the water melons are the summer fruits. They are very cool and juicy. The are very dear to the weary travelers. They quench our thirst better than the drinking-water. The ripe papaya is very sweet to taste. It is a soft mellow and luscious. Bael is a good kind of fruit. It is a medicine for the patients of dysentery. Lemon is very common in India. It is both a diet and medicine. Pineapple is also very sweet fruit. Palms are made into many kinds of cake. Now, a kind of sugar candy is made from the palms. Guavas and apples grow in plenty in the countryside of India. They are not very costly. Hence, they are allowed for free use by the country children of India. All kinds of Mediterranean fruit like orange, grape and pomegranates are produced in Kashmir. So, Kashmir is called the Garden of India. The growth of these fruits are localized in Kashmir. Because Kashmir bears the Mediterranean type of climate.


Fruit is indispensable for good health. The Indian fruit is not less nutritious than the foreign fruit. The commercial value of the Indian fruit is very great. The Indian bananas are of much demand in the western countries. Hence, we should encourage the fruit cultivation in India. Side by side, we should learn how to preserve its good value for a long period.

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