Essay on Lives of Great Men


Great men are great as they have great power over their own minds. They have conquered their own-selves.They are free from the bondage of selfishness. They are free from greed, pride, anger and envy. They have malice to none and fear to none. Great men are great as they are great in service and sacrifice. They sacrifice their all and even their lives for the moral benefit of mankind. They live as a hero and die as a martyr.

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Buddha, Confucius, Christ, Mohammad and Gandhi were some of the greatest people of the world. Buddha gave up his princely fortune and moved as mendicant to find out for mankind the secret of true happiness. He did a hard penance to remove death, disease and old age from the world. He preached that Nirvana is the only means for all that he wish for the human being. Confucius worked hard to improve the social behavior of the Chinese people, Mohammad founded the Islamic faith to show the right path to the people of Mecca and Medina. Christ preached a new faith called Christianity that teaches a lot of noble things. Gandhiji brought about a national awakening in India and made it free by means of truth and none-violence. These great men remain great through ages for their great service and sacrifice. Study of their lives is no doubt a great virtue.


Reading the lives of the great men is a great virtue and a great benefit for us. Reading the lives of great men makes a noble impression on our minds. By reading their lives we follow their example and thereby we make our own lives sublime. Lives of great men can guide us to the right path. So, we should read their lives regularly with due care and attention.

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