Essay on Newspaper


The present age is the age of newspapers. Newspapers are seen in the courts and offices, in the schools and collages, in the stalls and restaurants and in the marts and markets.

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Newspapers are read by the rich and the poor, learned and literate, high and low, master and slave. Because newspapers is very important. It deals with all interests.


Kinds of newspapers:

There are many kinds of newspapers, such as the daily, the weekly, the biweekly and the fortnightly. The daily newspapers are full of news. But the other newspapers are full of views and comments on the different news items. Some newspapers come out twice and thrice a day. Because the habit of reading the fresh news is getting more and more with the people.


The newspaper has got a big staff like the editor, the sub-editors, the new reporters and the news agents. The small papers manage with one editor. The newspapers are printed in the printing press. The newspapers get news from the big news agencies like Reuter, Samachar, Tass and I.N.F.A. They get the news with the help of the teleprinters.



Newspapers give news to us. We know the news of the world through the newspapers. They criticize the mistakes of the Government. They give lead to the people. People can know the new invention and discoveries through the newspapers. Newspapers make the people know their rights and duties and their responsibilities.


Newspapers do harm when they are edited by the bad editors. The bad editors mislead the people. They praise the bad men and blame the good men. They see all things through their own glasses on interest. So the newspapers cease to be the friends of the people. They become the people’s enemies.



The editors of the newspapers should be honest and impartial. They should be men of personality; gravity and integrity. They should be the men of principle. They should have knowledge, wisdom and foresight. India has also got some good newspapers like the Amrit Bazar patrika, the Hindustan Standard, the Statesman, the Bombay Chronicle, the Times of India and the Hitabad. There is great field in India for the new newspapers to come in.

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