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Paper is now the best kind of sheet for writing-on. Paper was quite unknown to the ancient people. They were writing on the sheets of palm-leaves.

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It was a kind of inscription. Because they had to inscribe the letters on the palm-leaves with the help of the iron inscribers. People of the ancient Egypt were writing on the bark of a tree called Papyrus. The term paper  is a corrupt form of the word papyrus. At first paper was made by hand. Now a large quantity of paper is produced by the paper-mills. Sheets of paper are now available in quire and reams. Stray sheets of paper are also sold in the market. Few years back paper was very cheap and was easily available. The use of paper are now very large and varied.


Making of paper:

Paper is made of bamboo. It is also made of grass, straw and wood. These things are ground into powder. This powder is made into pulp. This pulp is pressed between the moulds. The water in the pulp is pressed out of it. The sheets made from the pulp are allowed to dry in air. For producing coloured paper, colour is mixed with the pulp. At first paper was a kind of cottage-industry. But now it is made by machines.

Various uses of paper:

Paper is used for various purposes. It is used for writing on. Matters are printed on paper. We also see drawing paper, packing-paper, paper-board and newsprint. The Japanese use a kind of thick, paper in building their houses.



There are many paper-mills in India. These turn out huge stock of paper to meet our need. But India has not yet been able to produce newsprints. Because, India lacks in the soft wood trees that abound in Norway and Sweden, Hence, for newsprints, India has to depend on the foreign countries. Most of the Indian paper-mills are found in Titaghur and Sherampore. In Orissa, we have also paper-mills at Brajarajnagar, Jaypore, Balasore and Choudwar.


With the spread of education, we find the increasing demand for paper. Hence, more and more paper mills should come into existence to meet the future need of our country.

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